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E-Learning Induction Insight Paper from Kineo

Kineo, the leading e-learning solutions provider, has published a new Insight Paper on how to design and integrate e-learning with induction and onboarding initiatives.

Induction and onboarding is a challenging issue for organizations. New starters tend by their very nature to join at different times resulting in varying numbers arriving each week or month. New starters also have different needs depending upon their role, department and location. Thus it is not easy to meet new starter induction needs with scheduled induction sessions. However, the

risks of a poor induction are significant including:

Low productivity - The productivity of new starters can be low and the productivity of their immediate colleagues may also be impacted. A new starter may not be fully productive for over 6 months, sometimes 12 months and hence good induction training can reduce this time to competence.

Poor customer service – Lack of knowledge and training can increase the risk of mistakes when dealing with customers or poor service.

Compliance risks – If new starters work in regulated areas there is a risk they may fail to comply with appropriate procedures or policies.

Lost sales – For sales staff lack of a proper induction can mean they learn through their mistakes and the loss of sales opportunities.

Staff turnover – evidence from staff exit surveys show that many staff make a decision to leave with their first month of joining an organisation.

Kineo’s latest Insight Paper provides practical advice on how to develop e-learning to support induction and onboarding initiatives. The paper draws on Kineo’s experience of e-learning projects with clients such as Vodafone, BP, Foster Wheeler and Boots. The paper sets out a strategy for a blended approach which:

• engages new starters

• provides what they need, when they need it

• enables them to reach full productivity quickly

• orientates them with walkthroughs and interactive maps

• ensure a consistent approach and messaging

• enables review and reference back to the e-learning for immediate performance support

• ensures new starters are more independent

• enables managers and colleagues can focus on essential coaching and localised support

• is cost-effective and easy to maintain

Kineo Partner, Stephen Walsh commented: “There is a great opportunity for organizations to provide an engaging experience for new employees by adopting a blended approach to induction and onboarding. We have found that this approach can help ensure that new starters are productive faster and minimise the risks of poor induction processes.”