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Kineo discusses e-learning and emerging technologies with Brent Schlenker

Learning campaigns, emerging technologies and the upcoming DevLearn '09: This and much more was discussed in Kineo's recent interview with Brent Schlenker, the eLearning Guild's Emerging Technologies Analyst.

Kineo, the leading learning solutions company, has always taken a pragmatic yet highly creative approach to designing training solutions that allow learners to get the information they need in a variety of ways. Kineo VP of Learning Design Cammy Bean talked with Brent Schlenker to explore his notion of the learning campaign, drawing on ideas from marketing, advertising and gaming to create innovative ways to meet learners' needs.

Brent Schlenker is the Emerging Technologies Analyst for The eLearning Guild. His past experiences include helping companies transition from old school instructor-led models to eLearning. And now he is leading the instructional design community from eLearning to Learning 2.0 by taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies, social community models, and interactive 3D gaming environments. He helps learning organizations recognize the untapped value of informal conversations and collaborative learning environments.

Some of the key insights from the interview:

•Learning practitioners need to look beyond the scope of the training department to see how other business areas like advertising and marketing use technology.

•Designing a learning campaign is more than designing a curriculum. It's about creating a strategy that grows and evolves with your learners.

•We need to meet our audience where they are, using the tools that they actually use.

Brent is the lead organizer of the eLearning Guild's upcoming DevLearn '09 conference, held November 10-13 in San Jose, CA. Brent talks about some of the exciting events and speakers planned for this year's DevLearn, including the Mobile Learning Jam. Kineo will be at DevLearn this year. You can find them at their booth on the Expo floor and also presenting two sessions: "Moodle: Changing the Face of Corporate e-Learning" and "How to Yawn-proof Your e-Learning without Busting the Bank."

You can hear the interview in full at