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Bacardi e-learning served up by Kineo

Bacardi and Kineo have collaborated to create an innovative approach to social responsibility training using e-learning. The approach has been receiving rave reviews in Bacardi, and this month Kineo shares the approach in a new case study.

The primary audience for the learning is marketing employees, especially those who are new to the business. The aim was to educate the marketing team in Social Responsibility, Bacardi's values and how they relate to Social Responsibility, Bacardi's responsibilities, and what the individual needs to do to align with Barcardi's values.

To reach this busy, fast paced and distributed audience, Kineo and Bacardi collaborated to create an e-learning approach which:

• Gives learners control, through an upfront diagnostic which helped them find out what they needed to focus on

• Keeps it real, through scenarios based on the real world of the marketing team

• Gives flexibility, with multiple paths through the learning

• Provides a challenging final assessment

• Lives and breathes the Bacardi brand - because marketing people wouldn’t settle for less…

The module is up and running and the initial feedback has been hugely positive.

Bacardi says:

"Kineo were a fantastic group of people to work with. Personable, energetic and full of ideas. As a team or individually they are a pleasure to work with. We are thrilled with the e-learning module and I would recommend Kineo to anyone – and I look forward to working with them again."

"This e-learning brings the subject to life – it is so much more interactive than a face-to-face training course and it was designed with marketers, for marketers, so it's got the correct tone of voice. To have a dedicated training module to social responsibility is a valuable resource that everyone in the business can complete."

Kineo Managing Director Steve Rayson says: “We’re at our best when working with great brands and with people are open to new ideas and approaches – Bacardi is a great example of a collaboration that worked on every level. We’re very proud of our work together and look forward to our next challenge together.”

You can read the full case study on our website here: