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Kineo E-Learning launches Totara LMS at Learning Technologies

Totara LMS, the custom distribution of Moodle for corporates, is being launched in the UK at the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition. Co-founders Kineo will be running a free seminar at the event where they will demonstrate Totara and its key features. The seminar will take place at 11.45am on January 26th.

The Learning Technologies exhibition, now in its 12th year is Europe's leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work. It takes place on January 26-27th at Olympia 2, London. At the seminar Kineo will be demonstrating the benefits that Totara provides for enterprises. Totara’s enhanced features include

• Competency structures and learning paths

• Individual development plans

• Team management

• Classroom management

• Dashboards

• Sophisticated reporting

• Enhanced search

Kineo Managing Director, Steve Rayson commented “Totara is a global partnership project. We have partnered with Catalyst, one of the largest Moodle Partners and Flexible Learning, leaders of the Mahara e-portfolio project, to create Totara LMS. We are very excited by Totara’s ability to bring the benefits of open source software to corporate enterprises and to create a viable, low cost alternative to proprietary LMS software.”

“We’ve implemented over 100 Moodle custom solutions for clients including HMV, Tesco and Nikon. In doing so we’ve seen firsthand how Moodle can be extended to address the full LMS needs of the enterprise. We’ve poured that experience into Totara, which provides a low cost, feature rich solution out of the box. We’re delighted to be officially launching Totara in the UK at Learning Technologies.”

Come and see Totara in action at stand 64 at Learning Technologies. To register for a webinar go to

About Totara

Totara is designed to bring the benefits of open source learning management software to corporate enterprises.

The Totara company was formed by three partners: Catalyst IT, Kineo and Flexible Learning Network (now Kineo Pacific). The companies share a passion for delivering cost-effective solutions to corporate enterprises. The three partners together form a global alliance dedicated to enhancing Moodle, the leading open source learning platform, for the corporate sector and to creating the leading learning platform for corporate enterprises.

The combined experience of the three partners includes custom Moodle developments for over 100 corporate enterprises including McDonald's, Nikon, BP, Tesco and Nike.

About Kineo

Kineo is a leading learning solutions company.

We bring fresh thinking to e-learning, because we believe it can be done faster, better and more effectively.

We’ve partnered with Google, BP, Motorola, McDonald’s, Nikon, Canon and many more of the world’s leading companies, to deliver creative e-learning, on time and on budget.

Through our Moodle and Totara LMS, we’ve delivered over 100 custom LMS solutions and portals that are feature rich and lower cost, taking advantage of open source technology and learner-centric design. LMS clients include Tesco, Nikon and HMV.

We build long term relationships by earning our clients’ trust. We do this through our consistently high standards of service, our professional conduct, responsiveness and our complete commitment.

With collective experience on over 500 e-learning solutions, we’ve got the most talented design and development team in the business. We have innovated to develop a rapid e-learning approach that enables us to deliver business benefits faster and more cost-effectively for our clients, whether short rapid e-learning projects or a large custom e-learning project.

We’re passionate about sharing our new ideas for e-learning. Our website features over 100 articles, 50 reports and white papers which are available free to visitors.