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Kineo E-Learning Announces 360 Appraisal and Training Diary Modules for Moodle

Kineo has announced the availability of a new 360 appraisal and training diary modules for Moodle, the leading open-source learning management system.

This module was developed with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and is being shared as part of the commitment to promote an ‘open source’ culture of sharing, reuse and collaborative development across Government and its suppliers. This new plug-in module allows organisations to run 360 appraisals directly within Moodle.

The functionality of the two modules includes:

- custom definition of competences and ratings scale

- a range of reviewers to be included such as managers, peers, staff, customers (internal and external users)

- automatic emailing and online completion of review

- full reporting on desired ratings by competency and actual ratings

- anonymous reporting

- filtering by reviewer type

- spider diagram summaries highlighting strengths and weaknesses

- training diaries / comments by learner and trainer on a selected number of carried over competencies

Kineo and HCA are very pleased to be able to support the Moodle community by donating the source code to the community under General Public License (GPL). Kineo will also provide support for the plug-in.

"We are excited about giving the Moodle community access to the integrated 360 degree and training diary modules. This module will be of particular interest to corporate organisations that use 360 appraisals or who are thinking of adopting this approach” said Jonathan Newman, who managed the development of the modules.

The module is available now at