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Kineo’s Totara LMS Solutions find favour with corporate clients

Kineo, a Totara LMS platinum partner, is pleased to announce that 25 Kineo clients have selected Totara LMS, the custom distribution of Moodle for corporate organizations since its launch earlier this year.

Most recent new Totara LMS clients come from a variety of sectors, including retail, energy, health, government and the not for profit sector. A wide range of leading organisations have chosen Totara including:

- Tesco – the UK’s largest private sector employer

- PAZ – the largest energy company in Israel

- Michelin, China – the World’s largest tyre manufacturer

- Logica – one of the largest business and technology service providers

- Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Hospital – a leading UK hospital

- BMI healthcare – the UK’s number one private hospital group

- Victim Support - serving over 70 locations in New Zealand

These organizations and many others are seeing the benefits of taking a commercial open source approach to their learning platform via Totara LMS. Kineo developed Totara LMS with Catalyst and Flexible Learning Network (Now Kineo Pacific) and is a Totara LMS Platinum Partner.

Totara is holding a free one day conference in London on 28th September where Tesco and other clients will be presenting case studies. You can register to attend here:

Sven Laux, Kineo Director responsible for Kineo’s learning platform strategy, and Product Director at Totara Learning Solutions, commented “We have had some great feedback from clients and potential clients on Totara LMS. The extended functionality we have added to Moodle such as hierarchy management, learning plans, team management, reporting and competency management gives them a true alternative to proprietary LMS solutions. We have been consulting on further features required by our coporate clients and later this year we will be adding a range of new features as part of the Totara roadmap.”

Sarah Austin, Kineo’s Head of Moodle and Totara Development added: “In addition to the features in Totara LMS we have also been working with clients to develop custom modules and extensions to Moodle and Totara. In this way we can provide a solution that fully meets the client’s requirements.”

Tim Jameson, Kineo’s Head of Hosting & Support commented: “Our new partnership with Rackspace, one of the world’s leading hosting companies, means we now utilise their Cloud infrastructure for the vast majority of our Totara LMS hosting. This provides a powerful solution to our clients, offering the ability to scale to meet their exact resource requirements. Rackspace’s passionate commitment to client support mirrors our own commitment to providing the best services we can for our clients.”