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Kineo and myStrength Inc Launch Interactive Online Wellbeing Resource

myStrength Inc. and Kineo Group Inc. collaborate to launch an Internet solution to deliver customized online access to practical tools and techniques that have been consistently proven to help address depression and anxiety and improve overall mental wellbeing.

myStrength™.com is an online interactive solution designed to deliver engaging, evidence-based, online tools and resources to foster strong mental health and wellness. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that one in four adults—approximately 57.7 million Americans—experience a mental health disorder in a given year. Most do not receive care or treatment due to cost, stigma, and access. myStrength is a truly unique solution designed to deliver a tailored experience to each use and to help address depression and anxiety and improve overall mental wellbeing.

Kineo Group Inc. is the eLearning partner for Kineo is a recognized global leader in eLearning design and development with offices in the U.S., U.K., China, Sweden, Israel and New Zealand. As the eLearning development partner for™, Kineo applies its expertise in contemporary adult learning and online content design to transform acclaimed, best-selling, self-help resources into engaging, interactive, and personalized eLearning modules.

For the initial launch, Kineo developed the eLearning content to support two nine-week programs on managing depression and anxiety. Content was sourced from clinically proven self-help workbooks and transformed into interactive elearning programs. CEO, Scott R. Cousino commented: “At myStrength, we’ve turned acclaimed, clinically proven books from leading authors and publishers into engaging eLearning programs you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve also integrated health, fitness, and if requested spiritual, and faith-based resources from noted publishers to deliver individualized tips and information. Only our members can access one-of-a-kind programs and personalized resources that support the whole you: Mind, body, and spirit.” launched in June and is an available to those consumers seeking proven mental health and wellness tools and applications, available through a personalized, highly confidential online resource. Also, a number of healthcare providers seeking to add effective and scalable online behavioral health applications have launched myStrength to their members, including two of the largest community behavioral health networks in the state of Colorado.

Kineo’s VP of Learning Design, Cammy Bean, has been the Kineo project lead designer. “Working with this content has been fabulous—personally, I’ve learned a lot of great tips—but I’ve also had the pleasure of working with a client who really cares about helping people. I think we are making a difference—and that matters.”

The myStrength leadership team is made up of individuals with strong roots in the elearning space, including Scott Cousino and Tony Karrer. Scott Cousino, CEO, was an Internet executive at Alta Colleges, and was most recently the President of the Company’s high growth, online college. Tony Karrer, PhD, CTO of myStrength and leader of Tech Empower, is a noted name in eLearning circles and helped launch the very successful eHarmony platform.

You can learn more about myStrength at