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Kineo Shares Practical Advice for Mobile Learning in New Free Guide

Chances are your learners have mobile devices. Their potential as a channel for learning is great. A new channel brings new challenge to the learning professional – how do you bring mobile learning into the organization? What works in practice? How do you separate the hype from the reality? Kineo shares the answers to these and more in a new guide to mobile learning released this week.

The mobile learning conversation has moved from ‘what if’ hype to ‘what now’ – how do we make this work for real. Kineo, a global leader in learning services, today releases a new guide on designing mobile e-learning. It includes:

• 10 design tips for designing mobile e-learning to make an impact

• 10 examples of where and how to use mobile to best effect

This guide is part one of a series of free guides on mobile learning in practice that Kineo will release over the coming months. Look out for part 2 in March, where Kineo will focus on implementing mobile learning, to help you with the decision making process around tools and technologies.

You can download the guide at Kineo’s website:

You can also find over 100 tops, guides, reviews and papers to help you with all aspects of making e-learning, Learning Management Systems, mobile and blended learning work in practice in the Resources section of the site: