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Kineo E-Learning Releases new Information Security Module

Kineo have announced a further addition to their E-Learning Essentials range with the launch of a new Information Security module.

It is increasingly important that sensitive information is handled and protected appropriately. Kineo’s new Information Security Essentials module covers the core principles of information security. The e-learning module also provides a fully tracked assessment to ensure that staff have understood and can apply these principles.

The module builds awareness, provides information security top tips and facts in a series of engaging activities and challenges. The module covers:

• Ways to improve the physical security of a workspace

• How to create a safe password and how to keep it that way

• The importance of using email and the internet safely

• How to minimise the risks of using laptops, mobiles and remote storage devices

The module can be deployed on an organisation’s existing learning management system or is available as a hosted solution with full tracking and reporting.

You can find out more about Kineo’s full range of Essentials e-learning modules at and try a free demo at