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Transcend Dull E-Learning in a Free Webinar with Kineo and Read Write Learn Tech

Need to move your eLearning from ADDIE (nice, but dull) territory into something truly exciting? Kineo, the award-winning e-learning company, in partnership with Read Write Learning, will show you how.

Kineo’s Senior Learning Consultant, Karen Balcomb and Read Write Learn Technology’s Performance Solution Specialist, Cheryl Johnson, have collaborated in preparing four unique webinar sessions that will be conducted in Washington DC starting on Wednesday June 6, and continuing each week throughout the month.

The theme is “Transcend the Boundaries of ADDIE”. You’ll learn about four simple, but overlooked matters when it comes to eLearning:

- Make it meaningful and memorable - When was the last time you walked away from a course where you said to yourself, ‘wow that was brilliant!’ Contrast that with the last time you walked away from a learning experience saying ‘Wow that was boring or you just simply walked away…What distinguishes the two?

- Make it accessible - Do you know how many people do not reap the full benefit of your learning courses? Is the quality of the program equal for everyone?

- Make it convenient - Are you taking advantage of all the ways that our highly mobile workforce accesses and learns - information?

- Make in transformational and timeless - Do you find yourself recreating courses from scratch every couple of years? How can we keep our courses current without starting over from scratch every time a course comes up for refresh? How do you keep pace and make sure your courses stand the test of time and provide that transformational experience now and in the future?

The webinars are intended for government companies in the DC area, but others outside the industry or area are encouraged to attend, as each hour long session will be in webinar format for convenience.

The webinar will be co-hosted by Cheryl Johnson of RWL who has more than fifteen years of experience in learning, development and performance has made strong contributions in the areas of learning with emphasis on behavioral change.

“Working with Kineo and using their approach of making the material interesting is a natural augmentation to the need of making learning accessible. Combining the need for accessibility with clarity and imparted enthusiasm is the next step for making courseware that imparts information that truly stays with the learner,” said Cheryl

For more information and to register yourself and colleagues for this event please email Space is limited so don’t hesitate to register today! Registration for the first session on Wednesday, June 6 will close May 15 or when capacity is reached.