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Kineo Launches E-Learning Essentials for Brighton & Hove Small Businesses

The Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership has partnered with local e-learning company Kineo, to provide small businesses in the area with access to a suite hosted e-learning modules that will

enable companies to deliver effective learning and support to their teams.

Kineo’s range of Elearning Essentials modules help small businesses to:

- deliver learning and support to new starters

- provide learning and support to line managers

- track learning and assessment scores in core compliance areas like Data Protection

- blend offline and online core learning programmes

- provide effective online performance support through short, focused modules

There are over 20 e-learning courses include core compliance topics such as health and safety, anti-bribery and data protection, as well as management and leadership titles on topics including creativity, coaching and communication.

The modules were developed by Kineo in partnership with Good Practice, and are used by many UK companies. The courses are all being made available under a partnership deal with Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership on a hosted learning platform for small local companies.

Under the deal local companies with less than 100 staff get access to the hosted learning platform, over 20 courses and full online tracking of assessments for an annual fee of £1,900 plus VAT.

The e-learning essentials suite includes induction courses such as health & safety; compliance courses such as anti-bribery, complaints handling and data protection; and management courses such as leadership, coaching and handling difficult conversations. The full list of modules available can be seen at

There is also a free demo at

Tony Mernagh, Executive Director of the Economic Partnership said, "In times of recession companies often cut back on training but e-learning allows them to fulfil their training needs in a very cost effective way. Also, staff like e-learning because it allows them to learn at their own pace using stimulating techniques"

Steve Rayson, Managing Director of Kineo, commented “We are really pleased to be able to provide this service to local businesses. We were a start up business in Brighton only a few years ago and understand the pressures they are under. We have great faith in the innovation and creativity of local businesses and we are really keen to support them through high quality online training.”

Contact Kineo for more information.