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Kineo Shares Responsive Design at Learning Technologies

We live in a multi-device world. The growth of internet enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops means that increasingly we have to deliver learning solutions that work on all devices.

E-learning needs to be ready to run on every surface, as a single version. At Learning Technologies in London later this month, Kineo will share their insights into responsive design and show how a single version can run on multiple devices.

Multiple devices are great for the learner – but for the designer, it can present a potential challenge. One option is to develop multiple versions for different platforms: Flash for desktop, app for iPhone, different version for Android and Blackberry. But that’s messy. And expensive. There’s got to be a better way…

Kineo has worked hard to make it simple: Use Response E-learning Design (RED) techniques, combined with Kineo’s new Adapt framework, to create one responsive version that works on multiple platforms.

Kineo have already been putting responsive design into practice for clients including Barclays and Vodafone. And at Learning Technologies, they will show the benefits of a single responsive version and how to make it a reality in a free seminar.

This seminar, entitled Multi-Device e-Learning: One responsive version to rule them all, will look at:

• The rise of RED: farewell Flash? What HTML5 can do

• Adapt for intelligent, multi-device design– framework and demos in action

• The new grammar of RED – beyond back and next, elegant scrolling

• Seamless learner journeys through offline working

The seminar takes place in Theatre 3 at 11am on Wednesday 30th January (Day 2 of the show) – or visit Stand 64 where Kineo can show you RED in action.

Learning Technologies is Europe’s premier e-learning event and is free to attend. Find out more here: