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City & Guilds Kineo Managed Learning Service Benefits From Acquisition of Mindset

The City & Guilds Group has announced today that it has acquired Mindset, a digital learning company that provides services to colleges and employers in the UK.

Mindset has developed a leading platform known as Profiler to manage and deliver functional skills. The core capabilities include initial and diagnostic testing and the assessment of maths, English and ICT. This acquisition will further enhance the City & Guilds functional skills offer in the UK.

I am really delighted about this acquisition as it further strengthens our managed learning services and particularly our end-to-end service for customers, including online learning, progress tracking and funding management. It also demonstrates the Group’s commitment to investing and growing our learning technology platform.

We are already working with Mindset and have deployed Profiler alongside our managed learning platforms including Totara, Learning Assistant and our Evolve online assessment platform. Between them, these platforms support over 3 million learners every year.

Mindset’s Profiler platform will now be integrated into City & Guilds Kineo’s managed learning suite and will form a key part of our new managed apprenticeship offer. It will link people to the National Apprenticeship Service website to deliver vacancy matching and help more people into an apprenticeship. The platform will also streamline the administration of funded programmes for our customers.

Elly and the team at Mindset are one of the most respected in the industry. I am excited about working with them to develop the leading online platform for managing functional skills in the UK and for managing funded programmes. The integration of Totara LMS, Learning Assistant, Profiler and Evolve provides a sophisticated learning platform to meet the needs of today’s employers.

The acquisition follows the Group’s acquisition of Flexible Learning (now Kineo Pacific) in late 2013. It also follows the announcement of City & Guilds Kineo as the UK’s leading learning provider by LPI in February this year. These are exciting times for us and I am very much looking forward to the year ahead.

The official City & Guilds Group press release announcing the acquisition can be found on the City & Guilds website.