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Branding Denmark

Brands are everywhere these days: on your cereal boxes, the labels of your favourite clothes, even on the lid of your pen. But who ever heard of branding a country?

That is precisely what the Danish government is looking to do. Their campaign, “branding Denmark” is focused on giving Denmark a positive image.

Denmark has had some negative press over the last few years, with the Muhammad drawings in 2005, and a referee attack at a recent football game.

Forty million pounds have been dedicated to the branding project.

Over the next two years, the goal is to have twenty countries with localised versions of the Danish website. Global search marketing company Oban Multilingual will localise and optimise the homepage.

Stefan Avivson, the director of STANDOUTMEDIA in Denmark, is excited about the project, “This is a dream project for us to do,” he says, “We’re actually branding a country.”

The sites targeting Spain, Germany and France will launch next week.