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Oban International

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Parlez-Vous Oban?

Of all the companies in Brighton, is willing to bet it’s the most multicultural. Only 10 percent of its employees are English-born. The majority hail from such exotic locations as Vietnam, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Iran, and China.

Oban specialises in multilingual search engine optimisation, and their multicultural employees carry out keyword research, and study cultural internet search behaviour.

It is an interesting thing to work in such a company. Oban employee Sinead Comerford, an Irish lass fluent in German and Gaelic, credits her ability to communicate in a wide variety of languages to her time at Oban. She was proud to be able to say ‘hello’ to the international audience at the recent World Travel Market.

But it’s more than that.

Oban’s Rafael Ribeiro, a Brazilian native, finds the multicultural environment to be liberating. “I think this is the future,” he says. “I feel like we are ahead of our time. Race is definitely not an issue and it’s much more relaxed when you know that you are not just some ‘bloody foreigner’ but a person with her/his own story, expertise and capabilities.”

As our world grows into a global village, perhaps he is right. Companies are increasingly diversifying into other countries, and having staff that can communicate with and relate to their foreign clientele can be a major bonus.

Now if we could just get Mr. Brown to relax those tough immigration laws.