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Euro Gonna Want to Take Advantage

A weak pound means more continental customers for Sussex Businesses.

It was only two years ago that Britons could get €1.50 to their pound Sterling. This often meant long shopping sprees in Milan and marathon nights out in Madrid for Brits abroad.

My, how things change.

Now, we’re lucky to get €1.10 for our pound, yet prices on goods, for the most part, remain the same as before the currency fell.

While this may leave British travellers scrounging for low-cost hostels in Florence, the implications for British businesses could be much more positive.

Continental Europeans are much keener to buy up what have now become much more affordable British goods. For example, an iPod on France’s costs €138.31 (which converts to £125.49), but the same product on is listed for just £97.65 (€107.64, with only €4.40 in delivery charges).

With price differences like this, consumers across the channel have more incentive than ever to support our fledgling economy. And with the growing cost of travel, it’s likely that many of these purchases will take place online.

This could mean big business for the Sussex community’s e-commerce.

But South East businesses need to be ready, says Greig Holbrook, MD of Oban are specialists in international search engine marketing, and have helped many local businesses make their sites more culturally appropriate for individual European countries.

“If you want to capture this ready-to-spend European market,” says Greig, “you need to make your overseas consumers feel at home. Don’t just translate your but optimise it. You can do so by looking at local keyphrase behaviour, you can tap into local demand and see how your offering can fit that demand. Each target country is likely to be interested in different aspects of your business so to be fully effective, adjust your marketing appropriately.”

With easy access to continental Europe in the Sussex area, businesses here are well-placed to deliver the goods. With prices as they are, and the pound set to fall even further, Europeans would be crazy not to unload their heavy Euros for some well-made, discounted British products and services.