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Zoonou Announces Partnership with the RNIB

At Zoonou we're passtionate about digital inclusion and as a member of the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) we advocate for a greater awareness of web accessibility. As a test company our goal is to help our clients build digital products that offer a positive, meaningful user experience for everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. This exciting partnership allows us to provide our clients with disabled user testing in addition to our WCAG compliance and assistive technology testing to provide a complete Accessibility Testing Service. 

An Industry Unique Partnership

The whole team at Zoonou are excited to see this industry unique partnership continue to develop, Rhodri – our Client Services Director commented:

"The partnership with the RNIB is an extremely exciting opportunity for Zoonou, and more importantly is a meaningful step towards greater awareness of digital accessibility in our industry. The RNIB’s disabled user testing compliments our expert WCAG audits and assistive technology testing to create what we believe is a unique relationship between the testing industry and a charity partner.

Being able to demonstrate to our clients the real experience users face can be invaluable in the development and evolution of their products. In the decade we’ve been operating, we’ve seen digital accessibility go from a “nice-to-have” to an essential requirement for many of the organisations we work with. This initiative is a crucial advancement in this progress."

Head over to our website for more information on our partnership.