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Brighton & Hove City Council - Digital Accessibility Partnership

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The Challenge

Brighton & Hove is known to be one of the most vibrant and inclusive cities in Europe and the Council wanted to ensure this was reflected in its website. So that all residents can access and use its digital services, the Council commissioned it's Digital First team to transform its website.

Focusing on the usability and accessibility of the site, the Digital First team's goal was to build a new website that is consistent, familiar and friendly. In addition to this, the website needed to comply with new accessibility regulations for UK public sector websites by the 23rd September 2019 as well as demonstrating the steps taken towards compliance through the independently reviewed and presented Soctim BetterConnected portal.

The Results

By working with Zoonou, the Digital First team built the new Brighton & Hove City Council website with the aim of being accessible to every individual. Testing and audits were conducted in line with the latest regulations, and the Council was very pleased to meet the 2019 deadline for the website accessibility statement. The overall user experience has been improved and the website has now reached a high rate of success in terms of accessibility compliance.

As web products are ever-evolving, the service provided by Zoonou was not just about a “snapshot in time” test. Through our training workshops and guidance, the Council team has been equipped with the knowledge they require to continue to build and update content with accessibility in mind. Committing to good accessibility practices is as important as meeting regulatory deadlines.

Zoonou continues to provide accessibility support to Brighton & Hove City Council. The Council has a large network of existing digital products outside of the main website that will need to meet the September 2020 deadline for accessibility regulations, for which Zoonou and the Council plan to continue our successful working relationship.

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