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THRIVE LXP - Ongoing Product Test Support

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The Challenge

THRIVE, a learning experience platform (LXP), powers the digital learning of thousands of employees across hundreds of businesses every year. In a digital ecosystem ripe with alternatives, THRIVE understand that an outstanding, consumer-grade user experience is key to standing out from the crowd.

CTO, Mark Ward and the team behind THRIVE approached Zoonou while the platform was still in development. Testing at this point was a casual process handled by the development team, but Mark and his team knew they needed to put a formal test process and additional resources in place if they were to launch THRIVE on schedule and with the confidence that production bugs were ironed out and clear quality assurance controls were embedded into its continuous development life-cycle.

The Results

THRIVE launched the LXP platform in 2019 with Zoonou's robust and scalable test solution in place. Working as an extension of the THRIVE team, Zoonou continues manage the test process and is involved in development sprint planning creating a seamless and productive relationship.

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