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The Electoral Commission - Website User Testing

The Electoral Commission - Website User Testing header image

The Challenge

The Electoral Commission wanted to understand if existing and new visitors to its website could find the information they were looking for; as well as validating if newly added functionality was easy to use.

“We had spent a lot of time rewriting and restructuring voter content, and were constantly reviewing the feedback we got through the site to make improvements,” says Natasha Brissenden, Digital Communications Manager at the Commission, “we knew there were some fundamental issues that we wanted to address – we also knew we were making certain assumptions about journeys and language, and felt it was important to test these out with real users.”

The Commission required a test partner that could not only define users, tests and moderate the test sessions but who could handle participant recruitment and incentives.

“Our first project with Zoonou was extremely valuable in helping us develop an accessible new site; they clearly understood the nature of our organisation and our website. Their rigour, flexibility, and responsiveness made them an obvious choice for usability testing,” says the Electoral Commission’s Head of Digital Communications, Tim Crowley.

The Results

Following a series of remote user testing sessions, data including perceived ease of use, completion rates, user errors was analysed by Zoonou’s usability team to identify usability issues affecting the majority of users, issues related to specific screen sizes and positive outcomes and feedback.

“The feedback we got has helped us to make visual improvements to our homepage and navigation, and simplify the language we use. We’ve already made improvements to our voter section, and will use the feedback to make further improvements to navigation across the website,” says Natasha.

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