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World of Books - Penetration Testing for a Global eCommerce Retailer

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The Challenge

The World of Books Group has grown rapidly from a start-up into a global enterprise. As an exclusively online retailer, the Group processes a high volume of sensitive data, including customers’ personal and financial details - making them an attractive target for cybercriminals.

World of Books have always taken a security-first approach, but it became clear that as the business started to scale, they would need to invest in additional proactive security measures to maintain both growth and consumer trust. Their initial priority was to find a reputable penetration testing partner for the main eCommerce World of Books website, and with their IT team located in Hungary, they required a partner whose test methodologies adhered to international standards.

The Results

World of Books selected Zoonou as their penetration testing partner following a discovery consultation and solution proposal. Our CREST accreditation provided the Hungarian and UK teams with the confidence that we conduct and document penetration testing in accordance with the highest international legal, ethical and technical standards.

"Zoonou provided penetration testing for our multiple website storefronts, stretching globally. They offered great insight and service, guided us through defining the scope and provided coverage of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities." - World of Books' Project Manager.

Potential vulnerabilities were shared with the World of Books teams via an online issue tracker during testing. Once the test execution concluded, a full report was delivered securely to World of Books to protect the highly sensitive test data. With an executive summary and technical breakdown, each team received the most relevant information, enabling them to prioritise and remediate identified vulnerabilities quickly.

"A big reason we went with Zoonou was the summary report, which was comprehensive and delivered to us securely."

The success of the first penetration test engagement in 2019 has subsequently led to Zoonou performing regular penetration tests on the main World of Books website and across the rest of the Group's platforms and applications.

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