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EDF Energy

Business Services, Suppliers

Who we are

Funny isn’t it, a big energy company talking about saving the planet?

Everyone’s talking the talk these days. As Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon

electricity, we’re not just talking about it, we’re doing something about it.

What we do

From our customer service agents to our engineers, our scientists to our smart

meter installers, every single one of us is 100% committed to reducing Britain’s

carbon emissions to nothing, nada, Net Zero.

We’re generating the right mix of zero carbon electricity from wind, nuclear and

solar to power the nation today and building the infrastructure Britain will need

for a Net Zero tomorrow.

From turbines to tariffs, electric cars to electric heating, we’re busy doing everything

we can to help Britain achieve Net Zero.

Who we do it for

EDF is helping its customers, both in business and at home, to join generation electric and

take their first steps to sustainably powering their lives.

Whether it is buying an electric car, generating and storing electricity or selling energy back to the grid – everyone is welcome.

EDF is one of the largest suppliers to British business and a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions that are helping businesses become more energy independent.

At EDF, everyone’s welcome. It’s a powerful statement of our intent to make sure we’re about the people who work with us – a rich and unique mix of backgrounds and experiences that’s vital to shaping a strong and fresh-thinking organisation like ours.