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Fresh Egg Share Best Practice with Call Tracking in Google Analytics White Paper

Fresh Egg, the web design, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist has published a White Paper (How to Track offline Telephone Leads in Google Analytics™) describing their CallTrackID™ application. The document details how the application has been constructed and how it functions as the “missing link” for conversion analysis integrating call tracking and call metrics within Google Analytics™.

Developed entirely in-house by Fresh Egg, Calltrack ID™ proves the success of online campaigns and tracks keyword profitability across organic and paid advertising channels such as Google Adwords, affiliate links, email campaigns, banner ads and any other digital collateral. It shows which channels are truly generating leads and can also be used to track offline campaigns for comparison with online activities.

According to Nikki Rae, Fresh Egg’s Web Conversion Specialist:

“There are bound to be many different ways of collecting, collating and integrating this data, but by releasing exactly how we achieved this, we hope that this service, essential not just to Fresh Egg but to all internet and search marketers, can be shared and improved to become an even more useful and effective tool for the search industry as a whole.”

The Fresh Egg development team was headed up by Nikki, with support from David Grace, Andrew Heasman and Vaughan Luke. CallTrackID ™ is a finalist in the Special Award for Technological Innovation category of the NMA Effectiveness Awards 2009.

Copies of the White Paper can be downloaded from