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Boost Awards Ltd

Copywriting, Marketing

Who we are

Boost Awards is the world's first and largest Award Entry Consultancy. We help companies & individuals win industry awards. We write award entry submissions for you, help collect evidence and data to support your entry and help you choose which are the right awards to enter for maximum benefit to you.

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What we do

We've helped our clients win over 1,300 business awards from across all industry sectors and from around the world. Our services include award entry writing, award planning and collecting of evidence to support your entries. We also operate Boost Evaluation, which offers a range of HR analytics and market research services, helping you drive continuous improvement and quantify your achievements. We also own the world's number 1 Business Awards websites - UK Awards List and International Awards List.

Who we do it for

Our clients include major multinational corporations from around the world, through to small businesses and startups. We work with leading companies in banking and finance, construction, retail, HR and training, IT and technology, and from across all other sectors.