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Announcing Brighton Summit: Unite

Teaming up, collaborating and helping each other epitomises everything that Brighton Chamber stands for - and everything the Brighton business community is about.

The next Brighton Summit: Unite is about how we can link together to improve – well everything really. Our businesses, our lives and those of others. It’s about working together in the short or long term to solve problems, while seeing what skills we can offer elsewhere. It’s about coming together and accepting that we can’t always do everything ourselves.

It’s been a tumultuous few years for businesses in Brighton and beyond, and every Summit looks at how you can seize the moment and drive your business forward.

In 2018, we explored new ways of working and challenged you to Look up. In 2019, we dared you to Crack on, step up and damn well just get on with it. Then Covid happened and we had to adapt, filling the gap with a virtual Base Camp: Bananas and Base Camp: En Route. Now we’re back in-person, we’re aptly looking at how we can Unite - to motivate and be inspired, to talk and to listen, to offer help and get it in return.

What is the Brighton Summit?

Bringing together more than 300 businesses and entrepreneurs from across our city’s diverse business community, it’s a day for strengthening relationships and forging new ones. It’s a day for building connections, entertaining new ideas and leaving your comfort zone in the rear window. It’s the most productive and beneficial day out of the office all year.

You’ll get inspiring speakers, expert-led workshops and energising discussions, with plenty of time for networking built-in at every turn.

It's for everyone in and around Brighton who wants to evolve and grow their business. Whether you’re a big business CEO, a not-for-profit, an entrepreneur or an employee, the Summit is for you.

Find out more about Brighton Summit, and book tickets, on the Chamber website: