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Bozboz wins Campaign's Cover Hack

Brighton-based digital agency Bozboz win Campaign's cover-wrap creative competition - judged by Claire Beale, Jonathan Mildenhall and David Droga. The chosen cover will be unveiled at CES, catching the eye of Fortune 1000 CMOs and Campaign's global network of subscribers.

Campaign filed an inspiring open brief to creative agencies and brands - to steal their first cover in 2018. The brief challenged entrants to interpret “an epic journey”, fusing art, science, data and creativity.

Together Bozboz unpacked the brief, exploring and refining ideas as a team. Thinking about the elements that define an epic journey: the purpose, the time it takes, the desire of the adventurer. Before long Bozboz had a number of rich concepts to choose from - but there was one stand out candidate. The interconnected journey of man and technology.

Drawn to the ifs, buts and maybes, Bozboz started depicting a dystopian future, where the human form becomes tired, vulnerable, and inevitably, dispensable. Wondering what use mankind would be in a time where technology reigned supreme. Bozboz questioned if that time, was now.

Cyborg Creep was designed to confront the technological saturation of modern life head on. An honest and weary self portrait of us in the here, now and beyond. Bozboz's design won the competition, and plenty of praise from competition judges. Campaign’s global editor Claire Beale described Cyborg Creep as "brilliantly provocative", while Droga5’s founder David Droga rewarded its, "confronting but exceptionally compelling" aesthetic.

Panasonic’s CMO Lauren Sallata called it "compelling creative with an easily understood message" and Ai Media Group’s CMO Stephanie Anderson described it as "a profound vision of technology and its unknown impact on life’s journey".