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Futurlab Limited: Gaming Success!

Futurlab Limited: Gaming Success! header image

The Challenge

Kirsty Rigden, Director at Futurlab, wanted a specialist accountant in the Video Games Industry that would help both the business and directors’ tax affairs as well as handling their Video Games Tax Relief claims.

The Results

After meeting with Luke, Kirsty says she was convinced that he was the accountant for them as he would use simple, jargon free language and he had a distinctly patient and reassuring demeanour.

Our specialist knowledge of Video Games Tax Relief meant that we were able to support them through the process, from eligibility, to managing their claim and therefore provided them with a substantial hassle fee tax saving.

Kirsty added that;

“I have never been more confident that our accounts and finances are in order. I love the fact that Plus Accounting are on top of all our financial matters, they are also a great source of recommendations for mortgage brokers, IP Lawyers etc.

I love that they are always on hand to help with any problem or query, no matter how small.”.

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