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Persistent Peril

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Persistent Peril Trap, Neuter and Return

We were delighted to work with Cats Protection to produce this short film to raise awareness of Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR). Cats Projection provided us with the core themes and we worked together to create a script. From this we then worked up an animatic and designs, before animating the final film. 
On working on TNR Persistent Peril Director Ginny Jones said “we loved collabarating on the script process, and bringing extra texture and detail to the cats. Working with Rus and the team at Cats Protection is always a pleasure."
You can watch the animation here:   
Client: Cats Protection
Direction: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Mark Billington, Garth Jones
Sound Design: James Locke-Hart
Music: Dan Millidge
Producer for PP: Sam Bourner
Cats Protection: Rasoul Hudda