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Persistent Peril

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Persistent Peril are Passionate About Penguins

This was the third time Persistent Peril had been asked by Flying Eye Books to create a trailer for Owen Davey's book series, and they wanted to bring something new to the project.

For Passionate About Penguins Persistent Peril made the animated loops so that they all join together to create one singular carousel. The wonderful audio for the teaser was created by James Locke-Hart, and thanks to additional animation team that included Giulia Bavagnoli & Mark Billington. 

See the teaser here: 

Passionate About Penguins Flying Eye Books from Persistent Peril on Vimeo.



Client: Flying Eye Books
Art: Owen Davey
Direction: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Garth Jones, Giulia Bavagnoli & Mark Billington
Sound Design & Music: James Locke-Hart
Producer for Persistent Peril: Sam Bourner