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Persistent Peril

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Cats Protection Education series

Cats Protection Education series header image

The Challenge

Creating 10 scripts which supported the school curriculum was a new challenge to us, along with creating a consistent style across all 10 episodes.

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The Results

Let Nafisa guide you through ‘African Wildcats’, and Felix and Rosie teach you about the ‘Five Welfare Needs’.

We were thrilled to collaborate with the lovely folks at Cat’s Protection on two five part mini series’ for their education team. These educational films are aimed at five to seven years olds and will be used in schools as part of the curriculum.

Creating a bold and playful style for the films was a delight, our aim was for the cats movement to be referenced from real life, but stylised. We loved the process of crafting the scripts with their in house team, keeping the message simple and fun for our audience

Below is a teaser trailer for the series, you can watch the full episodes over on our Vimeo.

Credits: Client: Cats Protection. Design & Direction: Persistent Peril. Animation: Ginny Jones, Garth Jones, Mark Billington. Sound Design: James Locke-Hart. Music: Dan Millidge. VO: Emma Clarke. Producer for PP: Sam Bourner Cats Protection: Rasoul Hudda

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