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Persistent Peril

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video


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The Challenge

Whilst in lock down we noticed that a lot of the kids colouring in apps had adverts, subscriptions, or an art style that didn't appeal to us - so we decided that we should make our own!

Working with; Chris at Sweet Tooth Games, who coded and released the app and James Locke-Hart, who created the scribbles, squeaks and cute sound FX. We designed the app, and rallied different artists and illustrators to take part.

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The Results

The app is free (and ad free) and on the App store now - https://

We are hugely grateful to the all of the amazing artists who gave their time to take part;

Features artwork by; YUKFUN, yo yo the ricecorpse, Tim Frost, Stoats and Weasels, Stew Harvey, See Creatures, Sarah Edmonds, Hello DODO, Russ Etheridge, Pip Carter, Persistent Peril, Owen Davey, Neil Sanders, Mark Billington, Malmall, Lucy Irving, Lou Lou & tummie, Lolly Studio, Lindsay Taggart, Jonny P Clapham, Hiffy, Hedof, drdinnermint, Bryony Crane, Bryan Kidd, Anna Vartiainen, Andy Martin, AJ Jefferies, John Bond.

Check it out!

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