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Persistent Peril

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Cohere Animation

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The Challenge

To create an engaging two and half minute animation which has the capacity for cut down edits.

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The Results

Cohere is an AI startup based in Toronto. They have created a machine learning algorithm that allows for more natural language processing. We were thrilled to work with agency HelloAstro to create a short animation which explains how they do this, using a mix of 2D character animation and motion graphics. We then took this animation and created a cutdown version for the client.

We loved collaborating with HelloAstro from the script stage, trying out various ideas to make the animation as strong as possible. We also collaborated with Brighton based James Locke-Hart, who did a spectacular job at enhancing the animation with his superb sound design.


Client: Cohere

Agency: HelloAstro (

Producer for HelloAstro: Olaya De Marcos

Creative Director: Justin Li

Direction: Ginny Jones

Design: Garth Jones

Producer for Persistent Peril: Sam Bourner

Animation: Ginny Jones & Garth Jones

Sound Design: James Locke-Hart

VO Artist: Mandy Kaplan

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