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Brandwatch Partners with Pi Datametrics to Host Social & Search on Vizia

Brandwatch, the world’s premier social intelligence group, has announced a partnership with fellow Brighton tech company, Pi Datametrics. The two have worked to create an integration that will feature social and search data side-by-side on Vizia - Brandwatch’s data visualization platform.

With roughly 3.5 billion Google searches every day that account for 60% of website traffic, organic search data is one of the most important resources brands can analyze to connect with, and better service, their customers. With Brandwatch and Pi’s Vizia integration, marketers will have the advantage of examining social and search data in one platform. The democratization of these two, separate data sets will allow marketers to uncover insights faster, while informing better business decisions.

“We’re excited to announce our new Partnership with Pi Datametrics, a leader in search data analytics,” said Shane McNulty, VP of Business Development at Brandwatch. “The integration with Pi Datametrics, brings a wealth of SEO search and market intelligence data into the Vizia platform, helping your business to recognize the value, and impact, social and search combined can have on your digital strategy and performance.”

"We’re really proud and excited to be partnering with Brandwatch on this pioneering, game-changing offering,” said Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Co-Founder at Pi Datametics. “We’re not only excited because both tech companies set-up in Brighton at similar times, both leaders in our respective disciplines of search and social with some of the world’s biggest brands already using our software, but ultimately because they’re extremely smart and pleasant people to work with. It’s the beginning of a fantastic relationship."

This integration is now live for all Brandwatch Vizia customers.

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