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Midnight Expands Client Portfolio with Global Alternative Fuels Producer

Midnight Communications, an award-winning PR agency based in Brighton, has been appointed by Waste Knot Energy, an innovative fuel manufacturer that supplies pellets made from waste materials as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Primarily targeting key decision makers at power stations and manufacturers of cement and steel, Midnight’s objectives are to educate audiences on the benefits of using these pellets, which are ideal for high-energy-use industries. These benefits include decarbonisation, high energy content, reduction in waste going to landfill, reduced costs and fuel security.

Ultimately, Midnight aims to raise awareness of, and preference for, Waste Knot Energy as the alternative fuel manufacturer of choice and drive the sale of its pellets among potential customers across the UK and beyond,

said Midnight’s joint managing director Flo Powell.

The company is highly innovative and making great strides in helping to fight climate change, so we are very excited to be appointed.

Waste Knot Energy joins a raft of market-leading B2B clients across a breadth of industry sectors such as construction and professional services.

Roger Ferguson, managing director at Waste Knot Energy, added:

Our mission is to enable large scale energy users to slash their costs and carbon emissions and minimise the amount of waste going to landfill. So, we needed a communications agency that could spread this message far and wide. Midnight made a compelling pitch and, following its appointment, has already delivered some significant results.

Waste Knot Energy is building eight production plants across the UK, which will source local commercial and industrial waste such as wood, paper, card and non-chlorinated plastics, before turning it into high quality fuel pellets. The first, in Middlesbrough, is almost complete and is to begin receiving waste as early as May this year.

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