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Freelance Artworker - Sarahjane Jackson

Content Creation, Graphic Design, Design & Branding

Who I am

Sarahjane is an advanced InDesigner who specialises in text heavy content layout, creating all types of print and digital artwork. Keeping content consistent and to brand, working closely with designers. Also use Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office WORD and WordPress. Excellent attention to detail and typography skills, highly organised, uses styles and create templates. Assisting agencies and designers in and around Brighton since 2001, working in-house or remote, on a MAC or a PC, she charges by the hour, keeps a detailed time sheet, is enthusiastic, very flexible, technically minded, quick to solve problems and learns new techniques. She loves the jobs designers hate!

What I do

Assisting Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Account Managers and printers. Creates a very tidy layout, makes amends, rebrand documents, use styles and grids. Recreate drawings, maps, tables and coordinate many projects simultaneously. Also accomplished in latest Adobe CC Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Wordpress dashboard.

Who I do it for

Adverts e.g. newspaper to magazines.

Annual reports e.g. insurance and councils.

Annual statements e.g. graphs and tables for Graphic Designers.

Amends e.g. County Council artwork for litho printers.

Business plans e.g. 600 pages and over, for a water services, Councils etc.

Bids / tenders e.g. with 5k pages with very tight deadlines for building and civil engineers.

Brochure layout and amends e.g. for universities and schools.

Catalogues e.g. from shop fittings to products for nursing home.

Drawings e.g. copy images using Illustrator

Enewsletters, leaflets, menus, posters, exhibition panels for marketing agencies.

Exhibition artwork.

Holiday brochures including buying images for travel agencies.

Icons, png's, jpeg's, SWG's, gif's etc.

Instructional booklets for Tennis, Charities, driving instructors for Creative Directors.

Magazines for office staff, festivals and ‘Whats On’ for Designer.

Mail order catalogues, gifts, clothes for advertising agency.

Manuals e.g. rebrand , lots of tables, 8 x 800 pages, reproducing tables, drawings and icons for Energy companies.

Menus for hotels, colleges and golf courses.

On-site Artworker

PDFs create interactive features from InDesign layout.

POS, posters and banners for retailers.

Stationary e.g. invites, leaflets for digital printers.

Terms and conditions e.g. from insurance to credit card companies.

Templates in InDesign or MS Word.

Timetables, posters, maps and leaflets for train operator.

Training and product booklets with strict guidelines for retailers.

Website artwork e.g. logos, icons

Word templates to brand using styles.

Wordpress dashboard, add posts, change themes and amends.