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Core Copywriting

Copywriting, Content Creation, User Experience, Design & Branding

Who I am

I'm an experienced freelance digital copywriter and technical writer based in Brighton. I specialise in crisp writing that gives people useful, easy-to-read information.

As well as writing skills, as a copywriter I bring a different perspective, a common-sense approach, and a hearty dose of curiosity to any project.

I'll want to know about your business processes, challenges and goals, and about your customers and their goals too.Using this I can then get words to help you connect with your target audience and give them a better service.

What I do

I write whatever you need to communicate clearly and consistently to the people who make or break your business.

This could include:

- key marketing messages

- brand language guides

- FAQs or user guides

- website and app content

- user interface microcopy

- reports and case studies

- emails and newsletters

Who I do it for

Organisations of all sizes. From individual consultants and startups to established charities and commercial brands. I have extensive experience in education, health, wellbeing, technology and professional services.

I particularly enjoy working as part of a UX or website development team to plan, design and create digital content that is relevant and user-friendly.