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A Sense of Place Book

Pleased to announce the launch of the 'A Sense of Place Book'

‘A Sense of Place’ is a project which explores the idea of place and what it means. It celebrates how places can develop strong identities and cultures, which are felt deeply by local people and visitors alike. It is also a response to the current political climate, which has seen increasing attempts to close borders, restrict the freedom of movement and regulate our ‘sense of place’.

The first edition of ‘A Sense of Place’ was a print exhibition, which focused on one location: Sussex, England.

This second edition expands on the concept and explores what ‘a sense of place’ means across different countries. Modern technology can make our world feel increasingly small – and yet people’s environments, cultures and experiences

remain vastly different.

‘A Sense of Place’ is a labour of love. An original, exclusive hand-made book, it brings together 12 design studios and illustrators from across the globe – with insight and interviews from leading figures across the design industry.

The book uses a mix of techniques, including a screenprinted cover on three alternative stocks, specially commissioned prints, and unique binding, to create a set of books showcasing the beauty of print. These are very limited – with only 300

books available.

Available for £20 + p.p

The project’s aim has always been to look at the meaning of place and the idea of freedom of movement. However it’s important to recognise and acknowledge those who aren’t so fortunate with their choices. Refugees, homeless people and children born into poverty and those affected by disasters and wars often don’t have these opportunities or a choice about where they live.

All profits from book sales will go to The DEC

(Disasters Emergency Committee)

The book is available to buy on the website :