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3 x winner at Digital Impact Awards 2019

Still riding high off the back of our win at the Cannes Corporate film festival, we were completely taken aback by the recognition and kudos given to us at last night’s Digital Impact Awards. For the past year, the team have worked closely with Deloitte UK to to help bring their onboarding process to life through innovative use of digital.

We can’t express the amount of hard work, commitment and passion that has gone into this project, both from our team and the team at Deloitte. With 94% of new joiners choosing to use this non-mandatory resource, the stats speak for themselves.

Secretly, we had hoped to win ‘something’ at the awards, but to take home three has left us all a little stunned … and to be quite honest … ruddy proud.

Our collective haul includes:

  • Overall Winner – Best Digital Campaign of the Year
  • Gold – Best use of Digital in the professional Services sector
  • Silver – Best employee communications.

A fantastic evening was had. Drinks were drunk, backs were slapped … now it’s back to making more great goddamn work.