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Smashed Online

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The Challenge

How can we help ten million young people worldwide better understand the risks of underage drinking?

Create an interactive experience that puts young people at the heart of the story, allowing them to make decisions, interact with characters and learn about the consequences of underage drinking in an engaging way.

An experience that is tonally and visually true to life, filmed handheld to immerse the audience, featuring interactive social media snippets. The action focuses on three teens, who are navigating their way through life and underage drinking crunch points; the learning comes from the conversations that they have, and the decisions that they, and you, have to make.

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The Results

Diageo's target is to reach 10 million people worldwide by 2030.

In a little under 11 months since launch the experienced has impacted over 750,000 people worldwide.

When surveyed an average of 90% of young people said they were less likely to drink having experienced Smashed Online. It was highlighted that it had helped them understand the consequences of underage drinkings and empowered them to make responsible decisions.

Smashed Online has won multiple awards for it’s creativity and impact.

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