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Design is the Difference

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The Challenge

How can we help Vodafone colleagues understand the importance of design thinking and how it can be used to solve real world problems?

Devise a design challenge that must be completed in a day on the theme of accessibility and visual impairment — and then, trust the process.

We wanted to show people why design is important, which is why we set Vodafone designers from different markets, who had never met before, a one-day challenge: Help a colleague with visual impairment better use a key CRM system that in integral of their job.

We then followed this intrepid group of Vodafone designers and filmed the day, as they progressed from concept through to solution.

This was edited through into three key episodes that captured their approach and showed first-hand what an impact design can have for the end-user. Crafted into a micro-interactive experience with bitesize insights and further reading, viewers get both the emotive reaction that encourages relatability and the tools to go out and make a better decision.

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The Results

As a result of the project Vodafone has expanded its accessibility capability and with increased awareness across the senior leadership team, their HR director approved investment for their first global design conference.

It was recognised by the Digital Impact Awards and given GOLD for Best use of digital from the technology, media and telecommunications sector, Best use of online Video and Best digital employee communication.

It also won the converted Grand Prix award.

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