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Wrong side of the Road

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The Challenge

Diageo – in partnership with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) – wanted to create a learning experience that would communicate the effects of drink-driving, with a focus on driving attitudinal change across several global markets, for a predominantly 18-35-year-old demographic.

The aim of this initiative is to reduce the number of people who believe drink-driving is socially acceptable, and who would consider driving impaired, while also informing users of the dangers of drink-driving, and the impact that alcohol has on the body.

Our response was to craft a simple but authentic, immersive, compelling learning experience that allows users to have interactive conversations with real drink-drivers, and gain genuine insights into the life-changing consequences of drink-driving.

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The Results

Over 550,000 people reached across the world, through offline, online and incentivised completions.

85% of surveyed people show attitudinal change towards drink driving (stating that they’re less likely to drink and drive as a result of this programme.)

FY22 target completions exceeded, with 133% overall.

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