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Brightec's KitchenCraft Retail App

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The Challenge

KitchenCraft is a top housewares company and an industry leader in digital innovation. Statistics suggest every single home in the UK has at least one of its products, and it sells to both independent and multinational stores throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Helping customers take stock

KitchenCraft has over 5,500 customers and UK retail partners including Selfridges, Waitrose and Amazon. With so many outlets stocking its products, the team wanted to build an app that could be used on any device to help retailers order their products quickly and easily.

UX was a key focus of the project so that KitchenCraft could deliver apps their customers would love to use. With Brightec’s user-centred approach, we were the obvious choice of partner to help them realise this goal, building and developing both their iOS and Android apps.

Cooking up a storm

KitchenCraft has a fully-stocked product range of 6,500 items and all export orders are delivered within three days, so the scope and complexity of the project were significant. We collaborated closely with their team to work out exactly what they wanted their customers to see and how the stock ordering process should work.

KitchenCraft worked directly from our offices over several weeks, making the development process incredibly streamlined and, most importantly, building strong working relationships. We were able to walk them through app updates, get instant feedback and make tweaks, or experiment with new approaches to get the best solution.

We undertook complete backend development as well as front end design and development, with the iOS app being developed first. Our Agile processes helped ensure that the apps were delivered on time and on budget.

The Results

1/3 of customers with access to the website now use the app instead.

$175 revenue through the app in the first 12 months.