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Client testimonials

  • It was clear from the outset that Brightec understood our positioning in terms of the "why", our purpose and values. Regular communication through Slack and by telephone meant the team at Goscombe understood exactly where Brightec were with the project at any point in time. Brightec were introduced to Goscombe through a member of our senior management team and came as a strong recommendation. The team took their time to understand who we were and what we stood for before they started the creative work. They demonstrated empathy as well as affiliation with our values and purpose, were responsive to our requests and delivered on time. The bottom line is that the team at Brightec have delivered in every aspect. We're genuinely delighted with the work provided by Andy and the team at Brightec - and would recommend them to anyone seeking high quality branding work and who's looking for a team who are a pleasure to work with.

    The communication couldn't have been better if we'd set up camp in their offices!
    Goscombe Homes

  • We’re happy with the quality of the work they’ve done. Everybody who talks about our app says how easy to use it is. Their developers are good in terms of communication, very visible, very open with the work they do. I think over and above anything else they’re a good group of people, very easy to get along with. Brightec’s team is not corporate in a corporate sense, but professional and hardworking.

    I'd certainly recommend Brightec without hesitation.
    World of Books

  • We started working with Brightec in 2017 and launched our app in 2018 and it was genuinely an absolute pleasure to work with them on building the app, launching the app and then continuing to update the app. The team are great - really thoughtful and switched on but also really kind and open. If we had ideas that they thought would or wouldn't work they were happy to lead us in the right direction, something very much needed from our side.

    Brightec really stood out each time we met with them and continue to stand out today.

  • Brightec were great — if anything, they were the ones keeping us on top of everything. They were very well organized and patient with us and provided feedback to us effectively. Brightec was only interested in what we needed, why we needed it, and how to give it to us in the best way possible. It was really comfortable and productive throughout the whole process.

    They were just as invested in the project as we were.

  • Brightec instantly understood the sort of application that would bring benefit to an event such as ours and with very short time frames created a fantastic service. I would (and have) recommended Brightec to anyone who is looking for a forward-thinking mobile application.

    Tom Naylor
    The Brighton Marathon

  • At Fruitmedia we used Brightec to manage the backend build of our website, we would highly recommend this company as they were great to work with, adaptable/ flexible with website changes, efficient and the product was delivered on time and on budget.

    Anthony Jones
    Fruitmedia, Brighton

  • Great service, very professional and most importantly great product! Would highly recommend. Brightec has been a superb partner over the past few years.

    Richard Salt from Ziffit
    World of Books

  • Choosing a development partner is never easy. Affect Energy felt comfortable with Brightec from the offset and wow have they delivered. We’ve now been working with them for just over 2 years. In that time we’ve built a website (to support sales and ongoing service in the energy market) which customers love due to its ease of use and awesome design touches. We regularly get 5-star reviews ourselves, in no small part down to our online offering.

    Andy Came from Affect Energy
    Affect Energy

  • Brightec did a great job of giving it a KitchenCraft feel and from internal testing so far we can immediately see how much enjoyment users are getting out of the app.

    Tom Chattaway from KitchenCraft

  • Brightec's process for understanding and designing the app was superb. The programming team was not only clear and concise in development but were excellent problem solvers, often fixing issues I had no idea how to resolve.

    Matt Williams from Segmentum