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Nettl inc Face Media Group

Digital Printing, Business Services, Design & Branding

Who we are

Having been based in Brighton & Hove for over 20 years, the team at Face Media Group transitioned into a Nettl Business Store in May of 2021. Nettl is an international franchise / network of creative businesses with over 150 branches across the UK and beyond.

Nettl are print, signage, exhibition graphics, clothing. Nettl are also web design, social media management, search engie opitimisation - pretty much anything a business needs to promote itself, a Nettl Business Store takes care of it.

With over 25 years in the print industry, Nettl inc Face Media Group has print and designat it's core. There are other Nettl's in the area, focusing on the other services, but for us, it's all about print.

The Brighton team have years of experience in business and promotional print along with graphic design and small business promotion. Based within a dedicated office inside the busy co-working space at the back of Hove Station - Freedom Works Barclays Eagle Labs, with free customer parking, cosy sofa's and a very impressive client suite, come along and have a chat. See how Nettl inc Face Media Group can help your business grow.

What we do

We love 'start-ups' So if you are planning to start a new business, come along for a chat and see what Nettl can do for you.

Our favorite client, is the marketing savvy, but just wants to hand it over - a 'done for you' attitude. Thats when we work best, you know you can ask us to do anything, and we will do that to the best of our abilities. We love working with agencies, design houses and markeing savvy entrepenuers.

We are currently developing an NFC chipped business card, cheap enough to enable bulk purchase and distribution, rather than the current 'here's my card, scan me' - it's just not what a business card is about.

Yes, print is in decline, partly to do with the current eco narrative, but using print is an important part of the paper life cycle and nothing beats a proper bit of print, to get that customer over the line. Reuse, recycle, thats the key.

Who we do it for

Having been printing in Brighton & Hove for over 20 years, we have a huge client base. From sole traders, plumbers, HR consultants, freelancers all the way thru form SME's to some nice large national and international companies. We are very proud to produce print for the likes of Digi Day. They run world wide websummits. We look after all their European events, with both large and small format printing. We also printed for Brghtons very own UX Brighton and the majority of b2b networking events, we print their attendee badges, attendee lists and other event collateral.