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Project Management On Demand

Project Management

Who we are

From conception to near completion, there’s always time to call on the skills of a PMOD project manager.

As your project manager, we work on site or virtually to agreed hours each week. We’re available every day to take a call, answer emails, be in the office, or meet with the client managing through projects.

What we do

Our secret is simply our flexibility.

•You only pay for your budgeted hours.

•We bill in 15-minute increments, if the hours aren’t used, the hours aren’t billed.

•We can white label ourselves to you.

•We can help with process and documentation.

•We are PM trainers.

Who we do it for

We provide talented project managers to agencies and client side companies who want help but don’t have the need, capacity or budget, necessarily, for a full-time, 40 hour a week project manager. We do have those too if you need them though!