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Project Management On Demand

Project Management

Client testimonials

  • I handed over management of most of our projects while I went on a 3 week holiday and I returned to glowing reports from my clients.  From technical briefings to managing clients in different time zones, Nadine is extremely capable and someone you can trust.

    Danny Bull
    Managing Director, Digi-Nut

  • Nadine is an all round super star.  She can deliver global work, local assets and small packages of client work of which many people would not like to be associated with.  She manages to balance this all through an equal emphasis on project management, business etiquette, client satisfaction and ultimate goals of profitability. Nadine's skills within the digital space are second to none; a vast array of content, Marcomms, CRM and Interactive skills coupled with an absolute ability to keep smiling and bring people together into a fantastic working environment.

    Ivan Skoric
    Managing Director, TSL - DDB Consultancy

  • I have known and worked regularly with Nadine for more than 4 years.  In the last year TSL has utilised Nadine in a project on demand capacity.  Nadine's Project Management On Demand offering has proved invaluable to TSL due to the nature of work flow that we have.  This model obviously depends on the quality and integrity of the individual and Nadine is hands on, professional and more than capable in any project situation. In the current climate this type of staffing model delivers significant returns while reducing risks on costs and Nadine is the perfect choice.

    Steve Turnsek
    Managing Director, TSL - TSL Production

  • Working under pressure and with difficult clients has never phased this PM dynamo. Digital project management and technologies are her bread and butter. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further glowing praise.

    Bernardo Carvalio
    Managing Director, Bravo Media

  • Sometimes you need an experienced project manager for a short but important period of time. Someone you can trust to: come in, quickly understand the work and simply deliver digital projects with the minimum of fuss. It's these times that you need Nadine - flexible, cost-effective and a safe pair of hands, available only when you want them.

    Hayden Sutherland
    Managing Director, Ideal Interface