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Artillery & Hamblin Imagery's Jack O'Neill Tribute Film

Jack O'Neill the pioneer of wetsuits and owner of the famous surf and skate brand O'Neill passed away in June this year. If you live and love the ocean then you are sure to know Jack O’Neill. From the wetsuit that let us live the dream of first in and last out to the first ‘surf shop’ that gave us a spiritual home for our wave riding community, Jack’s mission was always to let us have fun and surf longer.

With the Artillery studio having a strong connection with the surfing world, we were honoured to be a part of the production for a film to commemorate his life achievements. Working with Hamblin Imagery we crafted a multitude of illustration, animation and graphics to help tell the story of Jack O'Neill's prolific life.

O’Neill’s film, I Knew Jack O’Neill, pays homage to Jack the pioneer, Jack the maverick and above all Jack the surfer. See you out back Jack and thanks for being you.

O'NEILL WETSUITS | I Knew Jack O'Neill Tribute Film from Artillery on Vimeo.