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PR, Marketing, Social Media

Who we are

Spink is a healthcare communications agency - we deliver courageous, thought-provoking campaigns.

What we do

We’ve been creating game-changing health campaigns that challenge the status quo for over 30 years.

As an independent, boutique consultancy, we are passionate, flexible and quick to respond yet have the muscle and expertise to break down barriers, raise awareness, change policy and deliver tangible improvements in health and social care across the globe.

Who we do it for

With our roots in consumer marketing, Spink brings a consumer-centric approach to all our campaigns. Working across a diverse range of health and lifestyle sectors, from non-governmental organisations, over the counter healthcare and products that enhance and encourage well-being, Spink understand the importance of stimulating the conversations that matter. Whilst we are proud of our awards and industry accolades, delivering real and measurable change is what drives us.