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Mia's Picnic

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The Challenge

With a small team and limited time we wanted to make a game that stood our amongst the many games released each day on consoles. After creating a prototype of the game design with a core mechanic that was easy to learn and fun to play we looked at srt styles which would stand out. To do this we created each background for the game by hand using collage, and scanned in the results.

We wanted a 2 to 4 hour game length which would have meant a lot of level design but by utilising procedurally generated levels with a rule based system we were able to quickly generate levels. Something which would have been very difficult with our team size within the time restraint

The Results

We over ran slightly on time, but still managed to get the game out for Christmas on both PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch. The game looks fantastic and is great fun to play.

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