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Emphasis Training

IT Training, e-Learning, Copywriting

Who we are

Emphasis are leaders in the specialist field of business-writing training. We train globally, but we're Brighton born-and-bred. Our headquarters are in modern offices in Queen's Road.

What we do

Emphasis are unique among training organisations. We transform the activity that occupies much (even most) of professional people's working lives: writing.

Who we do it for

'Transform' is no exaggeration. Our programmes all follow a systematic, scientific process that completely overhauls the way people write emails and documents, so that information can flow freely again and organisations build stronger relationships with their customers.

Our results have enabled us to build an unrivalled reputation. We're trusted by some of the world's biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, M&S, JP Morgan, London Business School, Ernst & Young and Warner Bros., as well as by many of the UK’s biggest law firms. To date, we’ve helped close to 40,000 people develop first-class business-writing skills, working with over 3,000 client organisations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.